Shemin Garden

Shemin Garden distributes unique natural products for use in agriculture vegetables, fruits nuts, turf, hydroponics ,and grain crops.

We are striving to achieve three goals:

  • To explore natural way to bring energy to plants, human, and earth 
  • To produce safe and healthy food by reducing pesticide use, increasing stress resistance of crops, and conserving agriculture ecosystem
  • To enhance happiness and peace throughout the community.

Our International Team

Shemin Garden - CEO

Ms. Isabelle Hu is the President and CEO of Shemin Garden LLC. Graduated from Plant Protection Department of Shenyang Agricultural University in 1990, Isabelle has engaged in the plant protection technical research and extension for many years at Beijing Plant Protection Station, Rhone-Poulenc in French, and Bayer in Germany. Ms.Hu founded Beijing Plum Agricultural Mains&Trading, Co. Ltd in 2006, the parent company of Shemin Garden LLC in the United States. The company is a renowned distributor of top organic and botanical fertilizers and bio-stimulants to farmers, retailers and wholesalers. The company was created to introduce advanced technology/products that contribute to the sustainable agriculture. Under Ms. Hu’s leadership, the company has gained great success in the organic agricultural market in China. In 2013, the branch company was opened in south Florida and now the business extends to Fresno, California. Isabelle is very mission driven and she has her mission to help more farmers. Her slogan is: quality produce, easy farming, and happy life.

Agraforum - CEO

Dr. Thomas Huester is the CEO of AgraForUm, a leading company in discovering natural growth agents for plants in Germany. He graduated from University of the Free State in South Africa with a doctorate degree in agriculture sciences. His expertise are in natural compounds from plants, bio-stimulatory properties of wild plants, induced resistance, and biocatalytic manipulation of crops. Dr. Huester worked between 1991 and 1998 for a private company. His experience lies in all kind of ecological studies. In 1998 he has worked in South Africa for the gold mining industries to re-cultivate mining dams of the gold processing waste material. 1998 he founded the company AgraForUm to develop natural products for agriculture and horticulture and started a research project with Prof Pretorius on “Bio-stimulatory properties of wild plant” at the University of the Free State, South Africa.  In 2004 AgraForUm was converted to AgraForUm AG, a public share holder company. Thomas Hüster was elected to the CEO of the company. He leads a team of highly skilled scientists that possesses the capacity to develop new natural products for the agricultural, horticultural, turf grass as well as home and garden plant industries and the capacity to coordinate laboratory, greenhouse and field trials.

EcoMicrobials - CEO

Dr. Phillippe Douillet is the Chief Research and Development Officer. Dr. Douillet has a Ph.D. in Fisheries and Aquaculture from Oregon State University, and a Master’s degree in Marine Environmental Sciences from State University of New York at Stony Brook. He is an Adjunct Professor at the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, University of Miami, Florida. Dr. Douillet specialized in the area of Microbiology with over 30 years dedicated to research and development. Dr. Douillet is the founder and President of Eco Microbials LLC., incorporated in the state of Florida for the development of beneficial microbes and probiotic bacteria for specific applications within environmental bioremediation, agriculture, hydroponic and aquaculture production circles. Dr. Douillet is an international consultant and develops biological products currently on the market around world.

Your Success is Our Success


To create a sustainable future


To gain wisdom, wealth, health, happiness by helping others


Let the world return to nature