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ComCat a natural plant strengthening agent

Accelerates morphological growth: 

· Root growth 

· Seedling establishment 

· Flower bud formation  

Promotes physiological processes: 

· Photosynthesis 

· Respiration / OPP pathway 

· Sugar transport 

Enhances plant health: 

· Resistance towards biotic stress 

· Resistance towards abiotic stress  


Dilute 1:7,500 to 10,000 in water for seed treatment, foliar, or drip  


EcoFlora is a microbial amendment for faster plant growth and better yield.
Key Benefits: 

· Provides essential nutrients to the roots and foliage of plants. 

· Increases acquisition of available and unavailable nutrients. 

· Solubilizes minerals. 

· Improves soil structure. 

· Produces metabolites for better plant growth and productivity. 

· Reduces stress caused by adverse environmental conditions and deleterious organisms. 

· Dry powder and is 100% soluble. 


· Foliar spray or drip irrigation (dilute 1:100)   

· Apply at the beginning of planting, before flowering and during fruit formation.  


EcoFungi: a mixture of fungi that protects against diseases/fungi attacks
Key Benefits: 

· Protects crops against diseases and fungi attacks. 

· Uniformity in plant development. 

· Early formation of flowers and fruits. 

· Improve soil quality 

· Reduce needs for water, fertilizers and pesticides. 

· Reduction of stress from drought, extreme temperatures, transplant, heavy metals and pesticides. 

· Dry powder and is 100% soluble.


· Seed or roots treatment during transplanting. Apply in direct contact with the roots of plants (dilute 1:100).

· Use once during planting.    

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